Gran Passione Veneto Rosso 2012

We’re big fans of Italian wine around here even though I haven’t blogged much about them yet. Some of our favorites come from the Veneto region in north-eastern Italy. Think Venice and you’ll know the area. Valpolicella Ripasso wine is by far our favorite and I will blog much more about this in the future.

I picked up this bottle not really knowing what it was about. Took it home and did some research to find it out is Merlot (60%) and Corvina. Corvina is a main ingredient in Valpolicella Ripasso and I could tell a similarity upon trying the bottle. I also found out this wine is produced using dried grapes and as such is packed full of fruit flavour and has a rich full bodied (fill your mouth) structure. I also found out rosso means “Red” in Italian (embarrassingly I’ve seen rosso before and thought it was a varietal).

One more thing, I find it interesting when producers bottle their wine in heavier than normal bottles. Is this to give the consumer the allusion that what they are drinking is fuller than a light wine? It just annoys me because it means I’m paying for the additional weight in the transit of the wine.

See: Very dark and dense right down to the rim, indicating a very full bodied wine.

Smell: The wine had strong aromas of dark fruit including currants and prunes, some wood aromas and baking spices. Very pleasant to the nose on many levels. After it sat open for a while the wood aromas came out even more.

Taste: The flavours hit the mouth very hard upon tasting this wine. Lots more jammy dark fruit flavours with blueberry, licorice, coffee, and plenty of raisin (very much a dried grape thing). Heavy tannins accompany the wood flavours and I would assume this has spent some time in oak. There is a slight sweetness to this wine but the heavy body and dark wood flavours mean this doesn’t overpower. Just enough acidity to make this wine work well with food. Tobacco, smoke, and oak flavours linger in the long finish.

Conclusion: This wine is a very pleasant experience all around so I’d give it a 9.0/10. Excellent aromas are complimented with a fill your mouth texture and ends in a earthy smokey finish. I think this is a great table wine that you can drink right into the evening.

  • Merlot (60%), Corvina (Rosso)
  • Italy, Veneto, IGT (Idicazione Geografica Tipica)
  • 2012 – 14%
  • Botter Gran Passione
  • $21.00 at Liquor Crossing Red Deer
  • Real Cork

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