CARM familia Roboredo Madeira Douro 2010

I’ve always really enjoyed Port. It was probably the first wine I felt I could actually get into and like. While I thought table (dry) wine tasted gross I could always go for a bit of sweet Port. That has never changed as my tastes have evolved and I’ll always jump at a chance of a glass of it. More recently I’ve discovered the up and coming table wines of the Douro, Portugal. While the region is still best known for its fortified wines, producers are taking steps to improving the quality of the table wines made from the same grapes. This will be an up and coming region for sure and I’m going to get my hands on and drink as much of its table wine as I can while the prices are still reasonable.

This wine comes from the Douro Valley and is made from Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, and Touriga Nacional. I’ve read that the blend of the grapes really affects the style of the wine but unfortunately I cannot for the life of me find the percentages of each variety. Oh well, variety-shmiaty, this wine tastes great!

See: Very deep crimson red colour, very dense (I couldn’t see my fingers through it) with thick legs (will it be full bodied?).

Smell: Despite the density of colour and legs this wine has subtle fruit aromas. When first opened it smells like a basket of blueberries at the farmers market. With some more time in the glass it leans towards blackberry with aromas of flowers, and baking spices (think spiced fruit cake).

Taste: Tasting reveals a medium body (think 2% milk instead of whole milk) with some acidity on the sides of the tongue then grippy tannins (black tea) taking over that acidity. Very dark fruit flavours quickly move to flavours of oak, spice, and sweet caramel (burnt sugar). After all that there is a long dusty earth finish with smoke, leather, cedar. Despite these descriptors it is very nicely balanced and leaves just hints of each flavour in the mouth without one overpowering the other. This wine is one that makes you want to keep sipping.

Conclusion: This is my first foray into this region and I’m glad I started with such a fine example. This wine is complex enough for an advanced wine drinker to enjoy going deeper and deeper to find more aromas and flavours while the everyday drinker will enjoy the balanced fruit and earthiness. For this versatility and enjoyment I give this wine a 9.0/10. I look forward to my next bottle!

  • Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, and Touriga Nacional
  • Portugal, Douro Valley D.O.C. (Denominacao Origem Controlada)
  • 2010 – 13.5% alc./vol.
  • CARM familia Roboredo Madeira
  • $24.00 at Liquor Crossing Red Deer
  • Real cork

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