Duorum Vinhos Colheita 2011

Duorum Colheita 2011
Duorum Colheita 2011

Today we have another dry table wine from the Douro valley. This consists of a blend of 40% Tourigo Franca, 40% Touriga Nacional, and 20% Tinta Roriz. Not that these grape varieties mean anything to the average wine drinker but they are some of the grape varieties that go into Portugal’s most famous drink, Porto. Douro blends with more Touriga Nacional are suppose to be more fruity and less tannic while more Tourigo Franca brings on spices like cinnamon. Since this blend is a bit more even I’d assume they tried to bring everything in balanced.

While I found this wine to be very complex and interesting I also figured it wasn’t overly drinkable by your average wine drinker due to its rustic nature. So I’ve added a new rating called Drinkability to reflect how I’d feel the average drinker would find this wine.

See: The wine almost looked black as I poured it out and only found some crimson red colour near the rim while looking into the glass. Very dense as I couldn’t even see my fingers when I held them under the glass.

Smell: I found the wine to be pretty tight (not much aromas) at first and perhaps this is because I didn’t give it enough time to decant. I’m just starting to learn the benefit of leaving the wine open for at least 30 minutes before trying it as this exposes the wine to some oxygen, enhancing the flavours and making the wine seem softer, easier to drink. Once it did air a bit I thought the aromas were quite tart, like black cherry, but also very savoury like grilled meat. Sounds weird but it truly smelled a bit of a beef marinaded and grilled. Not a bad aroma and quite interesting I thought. Combine this with some herbs, green olives, and some oak and it you have a picture of what this wine smells like.

Taste: The first sip of this wine was pretty harsh. I thought “oh no” what did I buy. But after a few more sips it started to taste a lot better. The flavours of this wine are very rustic, so not as much fruit as earthy flavours. Some dark fruit, cherry, and dark chocolate. The finish is what sets this one apart. Long and drawn out with many layers of flavours of sweet caramel, dusty earth, dried meats, black tea and tobacco.

Conclusion: This might all seem like an odd combination of aromas and flavours but if savoury is alright with you then this wine is great. If you like very upfront fruity flavours then this wine might not be your favourite. Due to the many layers and complexities I found this wine very interesting and fun to try out, so I’m giving it a 9.0/10 for that. As far as drinkability, for the average person they’ll find it more like a 6.0/10 because it is quite savoury and may be hard to enjoy. I’d certainly like to try it again after decanting for a couple hours to see if more fruit comes through. If I do so I’ll update this post with my findings.

  • 40% Tourigo Franca, 40% Touriga Nacional, 20% Tinta Roriz
  • Douro Valley, Portugal, DOC
  • 2011 – 13.5% alc./vol.
  • Duorum Vinhos, Colheitaalyhse
  • $20.75 at Chateau Wine and Spirits (Lacombe)
  • Real Cork

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. We love this wine. It really needs to breathe, though.

  2. bbouwsema says:

    I look forward to trying it again with some more time in the decanter. I’m hoping more fruit flavours will come out and make it more “drinkable”.

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