Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

In the pursuit of good valued California Cabernet Sauvignon I picked this up to try out. Being $16.00 I didn’t have high hopes for it’s quality, but in the end it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Most of the California Cabernet Sauvignons we’ve had to date have been more savoury than fruity, but this one is definitely at the other end of the spectrum from those.

See: This wine is extremely dark purple in colour with only a little red showing up near the rim. When you swirl it in the glass it leaves trails of purple legs, a sign that the grape skin has been very heavily extracted. Already I’m thinking this is going to be a bold wine.

Smell: With intense fruity aromas and oak influence this wine is bold indeed. There is plenty of jammy fruit with blackberry and currants, something redish like ripe strawberry, but also hints of peppery spice, cocoa, smoke. Over the whole thing there is a predominant aroma of cloves and vanilla. Very fruity and delicious with enough oak influence to make it interesting.

Taste: This full-bodied wine has a thick smooth texture with fine tannins and very little acidity. It is jam packed with fruit flavours, more blackberry and currants, some baking spice, and a pleasant rich mocha. It has a finish that doesn’t last too long but has a surprising amount of minerality and plenty of toasted oak and coffee flavours as it ends.

Conclusion: While not being the most complex of wines there is nothing about this wine that makes it unpleasant to drink. After having quite a few minerally and savoury Cabernet Sauvignons it is nice to have one that is easy to drink from beginning to end. Great for a midweek pick-me-up, one might say “wine candy” at a rating of 8.0/10, 10/10 for drinkability, and only $16.00 to boot.

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