Michael David Petite Petit: Bold Petite Sirah from Lodi

Many big wine review sites like eRobert Parker or Wine Enthusiast Magazine offer their top wine lists. I do glance through these once in awhile but the top wines are often out of my price range and hard to find around here. If you’re willing to do some research however they can be a quick way to find new wines. I’ll start at the top and work my way down the list cross referencing wines against current average prices on Wine-Searcher. If it is in my price range I’ll then look to see if it can be found locally. If all the stars align it goes on my list of wines to buy and try.

While browsing the 2015 Wine Enthusiast Top-100 I was excited to see the number two wine was the Michael David Petite Sirah. I’ve read about this wine number of times before and have been meaning to find it. I was even more thrilled when the price was reasonable and available locally. Just because it was at the top of this list didn’t mean I would be as favourable about it but this was the final push to find it. I’m glad I made the effort to seek it out as it is a fun and delicous wine.

Look: This wine is a super concentrated purple colour, probably the most purple wine I’ve ever seen. It is very dense with thick legs that stay on the side of the glass. Don’t spill this one, it is sure to stain.

Smell: The aromas in this wine are powerful and complex. There is a multitude of jammy fruit here with blackberries, black cherry, some blueberry and hints of currant. Underlying the fruit is strong aromas of vanilla and black pepper with hints of coffee, black tea, and dried herbs.

Taste: In the mouth this wine is very full bodied and smooth with dry earthy tannins and low acidity. The fruit flavours are dark with currants and blackberry. Definitely can taste some of the oak aging with cocoa, coffee, and burnt toast. This all rolls into a long delicous finish with sweet tobacco flavours, baking spices like cinnamon and cloves, and leather.

Conclusion: Without really knowing it this is the third Michael David wine I’ve had. I don’t remember the 7 Deadly Zins much but the Earthquake Cab was memorable. The Petite Petit is more refined than the Earthquake Cab but has a similar big and bold profile. It is very well balanced considering it is so in-your-face and you can sense the wine character right from when you first sip it til long after the wine is gone. Lots of flavour and complexity and for that I give it a 9.0+/10. A pile of fun for someone who enjoys a big bold wine.

  • Petite Sirah (85%) Petite Verdot (15%)
  • Lodi, Central Valley, California
  • 2013 – 14.5% ABV
  • Michael David Winery
  • $23.00
  • Real cork

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