Domaine des Aubuisieres 2013 Cuvee de Silex: a Fresh and Lively Chenin Blanc

Like most wine geeks I’ve got a bit of a wine collection building up in my basement. It isn’t enough to warrant a full blown cellar setup but I do have it in a dark cool place hoping to keep those precious special bottles safe for when I want to drink them. Sometimes I lose track of bottles only later to have a happy reunion with them. This is one such gem.

I bought it last summer with the intention of drinking right away. I was looking to taste more Chenin Blanc after trying the Guy Saget Vouvray. The summer slipped away on me and never got a chance to try it out while the weather was warm enough to merit a chilled white wine. After finding it this past weekend I broke it open and found it sleeker and more elegant than the Guy Saget, a real treasure worth rediscovering after a year.

Look: In the glass this Chenin Blanc is a bright yellow colour and pretty thin, no legs.

Smell: On the nose there  is a ripe sweet mix of pear, baked yellow apple, hints of peach and kiwi. This is enveloped by aromas of honeycomb, ginger, tarragon, and a powerful minerality of wet stones and chalk. The fruit and spice remind me of baked apple pie, delicous.

Taste: The wine is medium to full bodied with a lush creamy texture, almost oily. It gives the impression of off-dry sweetness and has moderately high acidity. The character is nicely balanced and has flavours of tree fruits again. It is smooth like pastry cream, buttery and honeyed. The long lingering finish is slightly zesty, honeyed, and there is a light nuttiness to it near the end.

Conclusion: So easy to drink this wine is really fresh and lively with wonderful aromas and flavours. Produced cleanly with little bitterness or unpleasantness it is a real joy to partake in. I’m really starting to appreciate the care and attention the vignerons are putting into their wines in the Vouvray region. A step above the Guy Saget I give this an 9.0/10Not sure I’ll find it again soon but will definitely be on the search for more Vouvray Chenin Blanc. I’d pair this one with roasted chicken or a lighter pasta dish if I ever find another bottle in my possession.

  • Chenin Blanc
  • Vouvray, Loire Valley, France
  • 2014 – 12.5% ABV
  • Domaine des Aubuisieres, Cuvee de Silex
  • $25.99 at Kensington Wine Market (Calgary)
  • Screw cap

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